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The support of the performance management process electronically.

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We find the missing link in your team you can rely on.

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We know how difficult it is to find an appropriate workplace. We can help you to make it more simple and faster.

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Personnel Solutions


Improvement of managerial skills

Our co-operation with freshly appointed managers or managers just about to be appointed is aimed at improving those skills which can enable them to enhance the effectiveness of their managerial work, and thus can contribute to their being accepted within the organisation.
Areas dealt with during the training:
• How can I make myself accepted as a manager?
• What means am I to use to make my communication even more effective?
• What am I to pay attention to when giving a prersentation?
• How am I to delegate my tasks, and how to make my colleagues answerable to me?
• Balance between the workplace and private life.
• What can best motivate my team?
• Formal and informal organisations.
• Who are the key persons in my organisation and which are the key positions?
• Is my successor right before me?
• My decisions and how they are communicated.


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